About Care View

NOTE: This page is slightly out of date and will be replaced with a new Care View website in due course.

Care View is being used to look for links between social isolation / loneliness and things that can be observed when walking through a neighbourhood.

It has been developed since 2015 by the Urban Sustainable Development Lab with support from Leeds Council, NHS England and the European Space Agency.

How to use

Accessing for the first time

  1. Click on this link to sign up for an account
  2. Wait for Care View admins to approve your account - you will get an email when this is done.
  3. From your smartphone’s browser (e.g. Safari or Chrome) visit https://leeds.care.vu/
  4. Click on the menu ☰ and select “Log in”.
  5. Type in your email and password, tick the “Remember Me” box and click to log in.
  6. If Care View asks for permission to use your phone’s location, please say “Yes” or “OK”.

Install icon to home screen (optional)

Apple devices

  1. From the Safari app, visit https://leeds.care.vu/
  2. Click the Share icon on the screen
  3. Select “Add to Home Screen” from the menu that appears
  4. The Care View heart should now be on your phone’s home screen - clicking it will open Safari directly onto the Care View page

Android devices

  1. The second time you visit Care View in the Chrome app, you should be prompted to add it to your home screen. Click the “Add” button to accept. Or, at any time, click the Chrome Menu icon and select “Add to Home screen”.
  2. On newer Android devices, this will install Care View as a PWA (similar to a mobile app) available from your home screen and your phone’s Apps menu.
  3. On older Android devices, this will install an icon onto your phone’s home screen that opens Care View in the Chrome app.

Note: On some Android devices (e.g. Fairphone) you may need to install the Chrome app from the Google Play Store first.

Reporting a concern

  1. Open Care View from the icon on your home screen or visit https://leeds.care.vu/ from your browser app. [Note: If you open it and can’t see the big heart, click on the menu ☰ and select “Home”.]
  2. Tap the heart. Your concern will be recorded at your current location!
  3. If you need to change the location, you can do it from this screen by searching for an address or double-clicking the map.
  4. If you have time, you can describe the concern by picking from the categories below and pressing OK.

Note: If geolocation is disabled on your phone, you will need to manually place the pin to record your concern - by searching for an address or double-clicking the map and clicking OK.

Using the heatmap

You can do this on your computer if you want to see the map more clearly.

  1. Click on the menu ☰ and select “Heatmap”. If you need to log in, you will be given an opportunity to do this on the next screen.
  2. If you have geolocation enabled, the heatmap will open centred at your current location.
  3. You can move around the map with your fingers, or by holding the mouse button and moving the mouse. You can zoom in and out using the controls in the lower right, by pinching the map with your fingers, or with the scroll wheel on your mouse.
  4. To view the map full screen, click the icon in the upper right. You may need to click “Allow” if this is the first time you are doing it.

Using the isolation support tool

The isolation support tool helps you find the names, websites and phone numbers of support resources for residents who may be socially isolated.

  1. Click on the menu ☰ and select “Isolation Tool”.
  2. If you know the category for resources you want to look up, pick “Choose from list” and pick the category from the list.
  3. If you don’t, click “Interactive” and the tool will ask you some basic questions about the resident, leading you to the most appropriate category. You can go back or restart at any time.
  4. By default, all resources are shown. If the resident is not older, BAME or LGBT+, you can exclude resources that are specifically for these people by unticking the boxes at the bottom at any time.


Care View is not detecting my location

Apple devices

  1. Open the Settings app from your home screen.
  2. Select ‘Privacy’, then ‘Location Services’.
  3. Ensure Location Services is turned on.
  4. Click on ‘Safari Websites’ below, and ensure it is set to ‘While Using The App’.
  5. If you said ‘Don’t Allow’ when Care View asked for your location in the past, your choice will be remembered. To get Care View to ask again, go back to the Settings app.
  6. Select ‘General’, then ‘Reset’, then ‘Reset Location Warnings’, then ‘Reset Warnings’.
  7. When you tap the heart again, Care View should ask you again about sharing your location, and this time you can click ‘Allow’.

Android devices

  1. Enabling location sharing on Android varies from device to device, but usually in the Settings app there is a section related to Location.
  2. Make sure you select either ‘High Accuracy’ (GPS) or ‘Battery saving’ (uses data from Google Street View that is less accurate but saves battery power).
  3. If you said ‘Don’t Allow’ when Care View asked for your location in the past, your choice will be remembered. To get Care View to ask again, open the Chrome app.
  4. Select the Menu icon, then ‘Site settings’, then ‘Location’. If leeds.care.vu is on the ‘Blocked’ list here, remove it.
  5. When you tap the heart again, Care View should ask you again about sharing your location, and this time you can click ‘Allow’.

I have to sign in every time I click the heart

Make sure to tick the ‘Remember Me’ box when you are signing in. This should remember you for next time.

If you are using any privacy tools or settings that delete cookies, you will need to disable these or add an exception for Care View, because it uses cookies to keep you signed in.

The heatmap is not loading

There have been some issues loading the heatmap in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Please use Chrome, Safari or Firefox if you are having issues loading the heatmap in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

I get "The change you wanted was rejected"

This can happen if you use the ‘back’ button in your browser to return to the heart before clicking it, which sometimes triggers a security feature designed to stop replay attacks.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, always return to the heart using the menu ☰ and ‘Home’, or reload the page (pull it down with your finger until the reload symbol appears, then let go) before clicking the heart.

Please also tap the heart only once. In some rare situations, tapping the heart twice in quick succession could trigger the same security feature.

I get "Care View can’t get an internet connection"

Your phone does not have internet access. Wait until you are back in range of the internet and try again, moving the pin by double-clicking or searching for an address if necessary.

I get "Please wait for your account to be approved by an admin"

Your account is valid, but has not yet been approved by an admin. Please contact the person in charge of Care View in your city to get approval.

Something else

Please send a report of the issue to hello@fishpercolator.co.uk and Quinn will try to help you. You can read a guide to writing great bug reports here.